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Week One – Process

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Learning goal

You should know that this isn’t a GIS class, per say. It’s about presenting your GIS maps to an audience.   Still, you need to know how to use GIS and may not be familiar with QGIS.

This first week, the goal is to have current versions of QGIS installed and to familiarize you with some basic aspects of QGIS. We will walk through the process of creating a map like one produced in a high quality magazine, Adventure Cycling.

Steps include:

  1. Assessing space, scale, audience, message, context, and need
  2. Creating a working directory for your project
  3. Mocking up a map by hand or in a graphics program
  4. Selecting and importing data
  5. Setting the project projection
  6. Setting the composer window
  7. Manipulating data
  8. Styling data
  9. Exporting data (for use in Adobe Illustrator)