Make a locator map in Illustrator using MAPublisher

In my last post, I showed how to create an orthographic map in QGIS.  This video shows how to create a similar orthographic locator map directly in Adobe Illustrator using MAPublisher.

Why would you want to use MAPublisher instead of QGIS? I think it comes down to preference and editability.  Illustrator has three strengths that affect my workflow:  Object selection, advanced typography (superior curved text paths), and ease of editability. With MAPublisher, I can import GIS data and have all of the attributes available for styling and labeling.

Illustrator/MAPublisher is my choice for any mapping project with lots of text, symbology or client edits.  I can’t help but appreciate the great interface.

As I make videos (mostly for myself), I hope to give time to both my Adobe/Avenza process and my QGIS/Affinity process. Adobe/Avenza tools are great, but I want to reduce barriers to learning to make maps created by Adobe’s licensing.

Instructions to go along with this video are built into the illustrator template, which you can find here.

Download Adobe Illustrator Template