QGIS – Show photo directions using wedges

Here are instructions to add photos with directions.   You could create wedge point styles that you apply, like in the images below. In the video I\’m creating something simple from scratch.  Incorporating the Wedge into the style means you can save it for use in many projects.

  1. Set your project to state plane meters (if in the US)
  2. Use Import Geotagged photos from the processing toolbox. This creates a point layer

  3. Create a wedge using the processing toolbox.  Depending the projection, the radius will be a small decimal (.1 degrees?) or a number like 50 (meters)


I learned about the wedge geometry from Kurt Menke\’s book, Discover QGIS 3.X at Locate Press, available as a pdf or print. This book compliments Anita Graser and Gretchen Peterson\’s book and is a great value.